A collection of cinema camera footage

Bless the filmmakers, DPs, editors and cam operators who take the time to post footage online for the rest of us to play with — especially those who upload quality, properly exposed imagery. That stuff’s not easy to come by.

But slim pickin’s better than none. To hopefully save you some time, I’ve collected a bit of available footage from cinema cameras and included the links below.

I find straight-from-camera sample footage helpful in a couple key ways:

1. To test post-production hardware and software. Can my NLE really manage this natively? How’s the GPU hold up? Will careening back and forth between Premiere and Speedgrade cripple my machine? How the hell do I get Resolve to see this file type?

2. To get a feel for the footage in a test grading session. How pliable is it? Am I able to see the advertised “14 stops of dynamic range”? How does it look with these incredible Impulz LUTs?

Ultimately, this helps inform my choice before renting or buying a new camera.

(Plus it’s fun to mix a batch of clips from various cameras in an attempt to create a short, coherent narrative then grade it.)

A few things to note about the collection below: I focused on higher-end cinema cameras.  There’s a bevy of sample footage available online from cheaper cameras like the C100, GH4, A7s, Pocket Cinema Camera, Digital Bolex. Cinema cam footage is less prevalent.

Unfortunately, I struggled to find C500 footage that I felt met the standard. So please, if you have a link, feel free to tell us in the comments, and I’ll add it.

Some of the links come with instructions for downloading footage. (Arri, for instance, uses FTP, so you’ll need an app like Filezilla to get it.) So make sure to read whatever info there is on each post.

Lastly, there’s no guarantee for how long the links will be active or files available, so get them while you can.

Here they are:

Arri Alexa


Arri Amira


Red Dragon



Red Scarlet (and Red One)


Black Magic Production Camera 4K



Sony F55 & F5




Still image from Arri Amira sample footage.